Oh, the party rental ltd. Now, let’s get started. Imagine throwing an event. You want your guests to be talking about the party for weeks. If you’re honest, what you really want is those Instagrammable moments. The party rental industry is the hero of planning events.

Let’s start with tents. This isn’t just your standard camping tent; these are the big, beautiful structures capable of turning your backyard in to a magical setting. However, choosing one of these is not as simple as saying, “Eeny meeny miny moe.” Consider how many guests you plan to invite and the weather Mother Nature may throw your way. You’ll want to consider the weather. Will you be facing a calm night or wind gusts powerful enough to knock Aunt Edna off her feet?

It’s also important to consider the tables and chairs that will be used. The choice of tables and chairs may seem simple, until you consider that it is similar to choosing an outfit on a first-date. You don’t want to go too far, you just want your guests to feel comfortable. Comfort is the key, unless you’d like your guests moving about all night as if they had ants in them.

Lighting also changes the way you play. What about those twinkling lights? It’s like fairy dust, sprinkled on your party. A bad setup will look like it’s from a horror flick if the lighting isn’t right.

Let’s not get started with linens or chair covers. Although they may appear trivial, I assure you that these items are what tie the whole event together. If you don’t wish to have your event dressed like a party in the dark, choose wisely.

It’s time to get spicy: Innovation in party rental is like Pandora‚Äôs box, but it’s a good one! How about furniture with LEDs that change colors to suit the theme of your event? Check! You can also upload photos to social media sites faster. Double check!

Here’s the thing – to survive in this sea of choices, you need some clever thinking and perhaps even luck. More than stuff, you will need the advice of people who know what’s right and wrong.

We’ll talk about the latest trends that seem to be gaining popularity faster than movie popcorn. Running on an overly high treadmill can make it exhausting, but also strangely fulfilling when you stay there.

Don’t let the excitement of seeking out the latest gadgets for your party distract you from what is really important – making your guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

We’ll end this chat here (because we don’t need formal conclusions). Party rentals can be more than a simple item on your checklist. They are stepping-stones to creating a vibrant, lively experience that will have everyone talking for ages after the last cake is gone.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match, until you get the perfect combination. But don’t lose sight of having fun, because that’s what parties are about. Let’s toast to solid foundations, and better future prospects. Enjoy your time in Melbourne. Take a look at the streets and see what is beneath.

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