Oh, Melbourne! It’s a vibrant city, where people walk the streets. In this city, painter home don’t only use brushes. They are magicians that transform the most mundane of spaces into visual treats. So, how about we dive in to this world of color? No artsy jargon, just plain English today.

Starting with your home. Your home is so much more. Imagine it as your personal slice of space. Imagine now a painter walking in. It’s not about a dabber with a broom, it’s about someone who knows you. It’s not just about putting beige in because it is safe. Instead, they will listen to you and create the color of your dreams. If you want your living room to be more than just red, choose a shade that brings out the best in every person.

Then what? When you walk into a cozy cafe, do you instantly feel comfortable? That’s no accident. Painters who work in commercial spaces are wizards, casting magic with color combinations that make one want to stay “just one more time” and drink coffee for hours. These painters can choose colors so closely that they make you think of them as part of original plans.

Do not overlook those artists who have the courage to paint their town in red (or blue, or even green). Melbourne’s streets are famous for the murals they paint that stand taller than their buildings. This group of artists turns dull bricks in to canvasses that feature everything from fun and whimsy, to social messages.

Paint is not the same as choosing a latte, cappuccino, or any other drink at your local café. You have to use science. The science is involved.

It’s a new rabbit hole. Do you know why you can feel calm in certain spaces while feeling energized and energised in others? Color psychology is at play, my friend. It’s like a secret ingredient that painters use to get the perfect color balance.

Let’s give it up for those that choose eco-friendly options – choosing paints that don’t harm Mother Nature. We can have beautiful rooms without causing the planet any harm by using eco-friendly materials.

The best way to discover a Melbourne painter is by finding one who has the ability to balance all of these balls while not dropping any. Then, when you’ve found one, hold it tighter to your heart than Grandma did her special cookie recipe.

It’s not just about a cute house, or a wall worthy of Instagram. Engaging local talent will do wonders. Keeps the heart of creativity in our city beating.

You can thank the magic behind Melbourne’s liveliness and loveability by raising your coffee cup or tipping your hat next time you notice a freshly painted wall mural.

It’s time to get special!

You can create your own visual sonnets by using brushes, instead of pen.

You can choose from a wide range of colors and styles to suit your style.

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