Oh, https://lostinphoenix.com. When you think you know someone, they will surprise you with a completely unexpected story. You might think that you’re only going for a brief visit. But before you know it you’re in the middle of an adventure where “getting lost is your favorite part”.

Let’s discuss those murals. You’re on a seemingly normal street. There’s nothing special. Then, bang! You feel as though you are walking into a graphic novel. These aren’t random splashes. They tell stories of triumph, struggle and everything in between. It’s like a city decided to put its heart out there, or in this case, on the buildings.

Phoenix also has an entirely different side, one that’s reminiscent of Mother Nature showing off a bit. South Mountain Park, however, is not the typical park. It’s nature’s ride at a themepark without the queues and expensive snacks. The trails can take you anywhere, from breathtaking views to hidden spots that only have the sound of the wind whispering old secrets.

Now, let’s talk for a second about food. You’ve probably had a Sonoran sausage. This hotdog is everything you love about the world, in one delicious package. Food is not only sustenance here, it’s an adventure. You’ll find comfort food as well as dishes that will have you searching for the correct pronunciation.

Phoenix has a way of making you realize that getting lost doesn’t always mean not knowing where one is. It’s not about getting lost, but rather diving into the unknown and discovering joy at every turn.

Taliesin West can be a very magical place. Frank Lloyd Wright certainly wasn’t joking when he designed this. This place blurs indoors and out so well that even ants aren’t aware they’ve entered until they bump into the furniture.

So yeah, Phoenix is kind of like that choose-your-own-adventure book we all loved as kids–except now we’re adults, and the adventures involve less imaginary dragons and more real-life discoveries (though I’m still holding out hope for dragons).

It’s simple: Come to Phoenix expecting to have a lovely little visit, with some cacti, sunshine and a few stories that are too good for you to be true. (“Didn’t I tell you the story of how I got confused and ended at an underground Jazz club ?”).?”) This is because getting lost doesn’t mean you miss out. It means that you stumble upon experiences which will remain with your long after your shoes are free of desert dust. Welcome to My Little Havana — where life can be lived loudly.

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