Oh, bathroom vanities. This isn’t where we quickly apply our makeup and brush teeth to get out the door. The unsung hero of the bathroom, these cabinets are also style icons and champions at storage. Here’s how to choose one that’s not only beautiful but will also work hard in your home. Keep reading to find out more about Bathroom Vanities.

The materials are of utmost importance. Some people love wood and the warmth it brings into a room. Others swear by quartz engineered stone for their vanities. Let’s be honest, who wants to deal with stains anyway? It’s not me.

It’s also about size and design. Have a small powder bathroom? The single sink will save you valuable space. You can go for the double sink option if there is more room. Imagine no more morning elbows jostling!

The tech that is now available in vanity cabinets can be compared to finding hidden treasures in cereal boxes – they are both unexpected and awesome. How about charging drawers for your devices? I’ll take it! How about lighting which knows when someone has stumbled half-asleep into the bathroom? Genius.

Color also makes a difference. To keep it crisp, stick with white or gray. Then let the funky towels speak for themselves. If you want to make a statement, try navy blue or green. It will add some dramatic flair to your room without making it look like you’ve been watching soap operas all day.

For people who truly want to make their bathroom unique, customizing it is like the ultimate vanity. Select every element to match your personal style – quirky handles, sinks that look like art and even basins.

Installing is when things start to get real. They look great until you see that they must be attached to the wall like a vessel in a bad storm. The freestanding versions are simpler to assemble but they will take over your space quicker than you can ask “Where is my floor?”

Now we’re looking for a vanity to do more than store toothpaste. Making mornings easier and less chaotic is the goal. No matter if your style is simple, or if the drawers and hinges scream “you,” remember that the bathroom vanity you choose is not just a piece of furniture. It’s also the place where you can be yourself.

Don’t kid yourself, it can feel as if you’re trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. If you know what to look for and add your own flair, then it’s easy to find the right one.

When all else fails… If all else fails, there is always duct tap and fairy light – DIY vanity makesover anyone? Just kidding (or am I?). Reach out to Rushden’s plumbing experts. It’s a great way to get back to watching late night TV without needing a ark.

Don’t forget: In this age of connected devices, where our refrigerators and cars are all online, protecting yourself doesn’t require paranoia. Instead it requires common sense combined with tech-savvy knowledge.

Who knows. Who knows? Until then stay safe!

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