Imagine that you just got home after a great day at the beaches spotless carpet. You have sand, salt, and other debris on your feet, hair, and carpet. You didn’t get the souvenir that you wanted to bring home.

The carpets of this region are no strangers to abuse. Carpets get ruined by spills from barbies and trips to the beach, not to mention the odd (read: frequent!) Beach adventures. How can I make them look like a real rug and not a piece of abstract art?

Steam cleaning has had a significant impact on carpeting. Imagine steam cleaning your carpet as a deep-clean, removing all the unwanted gunk from its fibers. The floor also receives a similar cleanse. Instead of drinking green drinks and scrubbing you will use hot water mixed with suction.

Perhaps you say “Nah, mate.” I can’t just sit there and wait for the rug to dry. Fair call. Dry cleaning is a good option. It isn’t completely dry but it uses less water than steam-cleaning. It is fast and efficient. It’s quick and efficient.

Eco-friendly goods are more in demand than mushrooms after heavy rain. These services utilize products that are friendly to Mother Nature, but tough on stains. You can do your part for the environment and remove that Merlot stain from last week.

Stains can be real mule. They all have their own personalities and require different methods to remove them. Others may need more than just vinegar and water.

It is similar to the dating process to find the best crew for your floors. It is important to choose someone who can meet your requirements, and whom you trust not to ruin the fabric of your floors. Does the crew have experience? Will they show respect to your home? Will they leave once they’ve seen what you have? All valid questions!

Imagine stepping into your home, and finding carpets so clean that you’d like to roll on them. Carpets that are spotless not only look good, but also smell great.

Here you go. The Northern Beaches are not as daunting as a massive wave and a boogieboard. If you want to keep your carpet fibers in top condition, either hire professionals for a deep clean or do it yourself.

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