Let’s get right into it and learn how to send Gmail how to send secure email in gmail. Keep in mind that your grandma could be just as susceptible to phishing as you to forgetting your password. So, protecting our emails is akin to locking the door at night. It’s just basic safety.

Confidential Mode is a feature that Gmail offers. Consider it the Snapchat of emails. Then, you write your email and sprinkle magic dust on it by clicking the lock icon with the clock at bottom right of compose window. Your email will now self-destruct after the specified time period. You want to make it look even more Mission Impossible? Add a passcode via SMS. This way, your recipient will need not only to know the secret code (or have access to their phone) but also this special code from Gmail.

Wait, there’s even more! S/MIME is a powerful encryption tool that you can use if you belong to the cool kids club. This bad boy encrypts all your emails to the point that even if they were intercepted, it would be gibberish. The message is sent through a mixer before reaching its destination. Only someone with the correct blender settings, such as your intended recipient, can reassemble it.

What if you don’t like the plan? No worries. You’re covered by the internet with extensions from third parties like Secure Mail or FlowCrypt. These addons act as a bouncer, checking IDs before allowing anyone in.

Before you click “send”, let’s take a look at what happens. Ever heard of the saying “think before you send”? It’s digital cousin is “think before sending”. Sending an email with sensitive information or too much personal info is a bad idea. Sometimes, picking up the telephone or meeting in person (gasp!) is better. Sometimes, picking up the telephone or meeting in person (gasp!)

Let’s not forget to use two-factor verification (2FA) while we are securing everything. Double-locking your door is the new standard, as one lock just won’t do. When 2FA is enabled, just stealing your password won’t do; they will also need to steal your phone. Good luck trying to get by that guard dog.

Final tip: Update everything. Your apps, your web browser, even Aunt Linda’s cookie recipe. (I’m kidding). Hackers are attracted to old software, as it is more difficult for them.

It’s not rocket science to send secure emails using Gmail. Better safe than sorry is not just for crossing the road, it’s also important to click’send. Regular network check-ups should be done regularly. Think of it as regular dental visits, but for the health of your network.

Securing remote site connections (and I know, I said no fluff) isn’t exactly a rocket science. It’s not even baking cookies. (Unless you bake them with lasers). Pick tools that are easy to use, and don’t need a PhD. Throw in some training here and there because humans can sometimes be the weakest links.

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