Oh, mylittlehavana.com.au! It’s like walking into a machine from the past and coming out somewhere where the streets are humming with the rhythm of the salsa. This Miami neighborhood is more than a place to live; it’s an exciting celebration of Cuban Culture, right in the center of the Sunshine State.

Let’s go for a walk along Calle Ocho. There isn’t a place you can go without stumbling upon a coffee shop serving a drink so strong that your eyebrows will meet your hairline. You’ll be amazed when you smell the cigars. In some shops, the cigars are rolled right before your eyes. No fancy gadgets or machines here. Just expert hands.

Imagine: You are wandering about, minding you own business when suddenly the music grabs at your soul. It’s Little Havana. One moment you’re strolling down the sidewalk, the next you’re dancing along to salsa tunes coming out of bars and restaurants. If you’re not moving your feet in Little Havana then check your heart rate!

Art? What a place! This place goes way outside the line. Murals are everywhere! There are murals everywhere!

Domino Park? I’ll stop there. The arena is more than a set of benches and tiles. The elders are here, playing dominoes in a way that is more strategic than a game of chess while telling stories and laughing under the shade.

Little Havana’s not stuck in yesterday. Nope. This neighborhood understands how to keep its roots in tradition, while also embracing today. Cuban cuisine is being flipped on its head in these restaurants.

Nighttime? Calle ocho’s best dancing is done at night. As if saying, “Come into the club!” neon signs flash like fireflies. Bars are overflowing with stories (the drinkable type) and spirits. And music venues throw their doors wide open. Let’s make this night unforgettable.

What is the soul and heart of Little Havana, Cuba? The people. It’s the people that make this place tick. Their smiles and stories are as warm as Miami sun. They have journeys that would fill books.

Little Havana, a city in Miami’s south side, is a place that is rich with history and abounds with adventure. Each step tells its own story.

It’s time to take a look at My Little Havana. This is not about just visiting. It’s about experiencing. A whirlwind trip through sounds, flavors and sights that you will remember long after you have left the sun-kissed streets.

You should always let loose when in Little Havana. Eat to your hearts content (calories aren’t included here), dance like no-one’s watching and soak in every moment. Welcome to My Little Havana — where life can be lived loudly and with pride!

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