Nursing shoes are something that every nurse is familiar with, but they don’t get the attention they need. Imagine that after working 12 hours, your feet are screaming to you for a rest. But you still have to make rounds. Sounds familiar? All nurses are familiar with this situation

Let’s not waste any time. Nursing shoes are no longer the white, clunky, brick-like shoes that looked like they could survive an apocalypse but felt like pebbles. We have options as colorful and varied as the scrubs in your wardrobe.

Comfort is king. Or queen. It’s your choice. Your shoes should be comfortable. You’d do better cha-chaing on a bed of nail or walking over hot coals. Memory foam inserts? Yes, please! These guys are made to fit your feet like they were custom-made.

Hey, it’s not all about walking on the cloud. It’s possible for floors to be as slippery and slick as a politician debating. Slip-resistant footwear is essential if you don’t want to do your breakdancing in the middle ER.

Durability plays an important role. Nurses tend to walk more than other people throughout the day before breakfast. Your shoes must be able to keep up with you without breaking down faster than an umbrella during a thunderstorm.

Style is important because saving lives can be fashionable. No longer can you choose only between white over white, with white as the complement. Now you can choose from patterns and colors which will catch the eye in a positive way. You can choose your own superhero cape, just with your shoes.

Like choosing a partner, you cannot just pick the first pair that appears attractive. Some nurses swear that their clogs are the best, while others cannot imagine life without athletic shoes. Others require special footwear due to flat feet or a high arched foot.

Don’t skimp on your shoes. Money is tight. But the orthopedic shoes are pricey. But you can be sure that investing in good nursing footwear is like investing in a lifelong back-massage.

Upgrade your shoes if you are stumbling in them at the end of shifts or fearing those stairs.

Remember this, folks: if our legs are less sore at the conclusion of the day (or shift), we’ll be more likely to smile. And happy nurses make happy patients. Find the right kicks that keep you active and on your feet without cursing every time.

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